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A lot of the voices were quite horrible. Far better voices could have been found online in a matter of seconds, yet you most likely decided to gather your friends to fill the roles no matter how good or bad they were. The best voices were Toon Link and Peach.... yet they ended up sounding like 4kid's Tails and Cream The Rabbit.

On top of that, most of the jokes were stale. The original ones weren't even worth watching. This video was as mediocre as it gets.

I stop visiting Newgrounds for about three years, and I come back to see material of this quality on the front page? Augh.

Short but Sweet

I'm actually working on a music video starring Shadow to "This Machine", which will lead into a full series about his life ( With a lot of stuff obviously made up due to how little is known about Shadow's life on ARK... ) ^_^;

Very cute!

I went to your site and your animation skills are very good! This movie was very cute and well done! ^_^

Very good!

This seems like a VERY awesome plot you've started here, and I'd really enjoy to see more stuff like this!

I love you guys!!

All of you are so great! I hope there's a Perfect Kirby 4 in the near future! ^^


This has only been up for a few days and already it's #3 on the greatest Newground submissions of all time. Holy crap!

Also, why is there cheese (Er, should I say "cheze"?) everywhere? It's madness. o.o

Can't wait for part 3.3! ^_^

That didn't look like a Weedle

Very very nice though. Perhaps as another idea you can use a Pokémon that's weak against Flying anf Fire types, and have it fly from the top of a 20 story or so builing while on fire. Probably something like a Bulbasaur. Just make sure it doesn't land in any bushes. ^_~


You never stop making great movies. I also love how in some of your later movies, something changes everyday of the week! ^_^ I can't wait untill you're finished the actual story with Ark and Kerrigan, I'm a huge fantasy fan.

Screw the A+ rating. This is S Rank!

I LOVE everything you do on here. It's so original, random, and down right halarious! But this one, this one even out does "All Your Pie"! I can't wait to see more work by you! ^_^

Best FF Related Thingy Ever, OR ELSE

I don't care if you didn't mean it to be funny, this is halarious (especially with parts with FF7/FF8 girls and the Cids dancing). I have the song stuck in my head all day, for the past what....week? I even get detentions for watching this at school when I'm supposed to be working. But no matter how much they keep me after school...I SHALL CONTINUE TO WATCH! PS: Cool beans ^^

- Quit stealing from my Twix stash.

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